Why Hog Control?

  1. Feral hogs are an alien species to the U.S. They have very few natural predators, and they breed at alarming rates.
  2. Feral hogs kill and eat fawns, young livestock, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  If you insist on leaving the wild hogs alone, then wouldn’t you be killing cute little fawns and all of those other animals by proxy?  Remember, we are talking about an invasive species that is not supposed to be here in the wild.  The animals that feral hogs kill would not otherwise die at that point.
  3. Wild hogs compete with and steal food, land, and other resources from native animals that are supposed to be here.  To let them get out of control is essentially signing the death warrant for many of those animals.  Remember, we are not talking about letting nature run it’s normal course.  Wild hogs are not supposed to be here.

Add on to that hundreds of millions in crop damage, erosion, habitat destruction, and countless damage to property, and you should begin to see that feral pigs have no business in the U.S.


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